Published December 7, 2018

Bisley Thinsulate Shooters Mitts

High quality shooting gloves from Thinsulate.

Made of acrylic with a suede patch on palm and thumb plus Thinsulate lining around hand and thumb.

A ‘hood’ is velcroed on the back of each glove which is hinged and can be pulled up and over the fingers to make a mitten. The hood also has a Thinsulate lining.

The gloves are very comfortable to wear and the whole hand can be kept warm until you need to use your fingers when the hood can simply be folded back.

Very useful for use in a high seat. Cheap as chips and work well!

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Additional Details

These high quality shooting mitts from Thinsulate are thick and warm and have the ability to expose and cover up the ends of your fingers within a matter of seconds to go from warmth to usability in a blink of an eye.


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