Venison For Sale

Interested in buying Norfolk Wild Venison?

I deliver locally depending on where you live and how much you purchase. I can also send further afield by overnight carriage using an insulated box. It costs £10 for the insulated box and £10 for next day delivery by DHL to send up to 14kg of venison (Total of £30 for up to 19kg). Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Pubs and Restaurants.

I will provide the venison to you however you wish e.g. loins and fillets, each haunch divided into the muscle groups, shoulders and casserole meat. All individually bagged and labelled. The chefs like it as a lot of the preparation has been done!

Burgers and meatballs are very popular, see below for further details.

The majority of my business is repeat business to local pubs and restaurants and they wouldn’t keep coming back for more if I wasn’t supplying an excellent product at a great price. Don’t miss out, give me a call!


I can provide ‘freezer packs’ of venison from around £25/£30. These can include haunch, shoulder, loin, steaks, burgers, meatballs and casserole dependant on what you want. All will be individually bagged and labelled and the casserole will be in 1lb bags or however you wish. No further preparation will be necessary unless you want to add a marinade!

My venison burgers have become very popular. Lean and healthy but very tasty as well seasoned and with a hint of juniper. A quick and easy substantial meal. The meatballs are similar but a different shape! Both contain a small amount of wheat flour and so are not gluten free. Also I add 5% pork fat as otherwise they are far too lean!

I cook 8oz burgers on a George Foreman grill for 5 minutes. Alternatively cook in a pan, no oil necessary, over a medium to high heat for a minute a side until nicely browned then turn down heat and continue until cooked through.

Check out my recipe page for ideas and let me know if you want to add your favourite venison recipes.


Loin and fillet £7/lb or £15.40/kg

Haunch and steaks £6/lb or £13.20/kg

Shoulders and casserole £4.50/lb or £9.90/kg

Burgers and meatballs £4/lb or £8.80/kg

If you would like any further details simply go to my contact page and drop me a line or give me a call.