Published January 25, 2016

PPU Prvi Partizan 90gr Ammunition .243 calibre

This .243 PPU Prvi Partisan Centre Fire Ammunition is very good quality ammo, at a fantastic price point.

PPU Prvi Partisan .243 Centre Fire Ammunition
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I’ve used PPU Prvi Partizan ammunition mainly in .243 but also in .223 and .308 calibre and I’ve been very pleased with the results in terms of accuracy, stopping power and also the effect on my wallet!

In .243 calibre I easily achieved a 1 inch group at 100 metres and I’m sure the better shots amongst you could improve on that. The .243 90 grain soft point bullets were excellent against Muntjac, Roe and Fallow. I should add that my usual calibre for red deer is .308 with a 150 gr bullet.

I bought 200 PPU rounds in .243 and have re-used the cases for home loading.

To sum up I have no hesitation in recommending PPU ammunition and at the incredible price of around 62p a round you have to ask yourself why not? Go and buy a couple of boxes and try them. At this price you can at the very least afford to use them to practise and thereby improve your shooting skills.

Star Ratings.

I can’t think of any reason why not so PPU Prvi Partizan ammunition gets 5 out of 5 stars.

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PPU Prvi Partisan .243 Centre Fire Ammunition


– Bullet Weight : 90 Grain
– Bullet Type : Soft Point (SP)
– Ammo Casing : Brass
– Ammo Calibre : .243
– Primer Type : Centre Fire


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