Published September 8, 2015

Sierra GameKing Bullets #1365

Top Quality .22 Rifle Bullet

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I reload because I want to save money, improve accuracy and as an additional interest related to my shooting.

I wanted to develop a load for my Steyr Mannlicher .223 which is a legal calibre for Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer (plus Roe across the border in Scotland) and a great calibre for fox.

I choose to try Sierra GameKing 55gr, spitzer BT, together with Vihtavuori N140.

I achieved 3/4 inch grouping at 100m without any trouble. Now I know that some of you would want to improve on that, and I’m sure that you could, but for my purposes it is good enough.


Sierra GameKing 55gr #1365 spitzer boat tail.

26 gr. N140

Federal cases

Remington small rifle primers

COL 57mm

At a cost of under 45p a round!

In a hunting scenario I’ve found it to be very accurate, hard hitting without an undo amount of damage.

I enjoy shooting with this round and just wish that it was legal for Roe as I’m sure it would be very capable. I could then take out the .223 for both Roe bucks and Muntjac in the summer months.

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On both price and performance the Sierra GameKing bullets deserve 5 stars.

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Weight – 55 grain

Design – Spitzer Boat Tail


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