Published February 12, 2016

Vihtavuori N140 Rifle Powder

High Quality Rifle Reloading Powder

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I reload because I want to save money, improve accuracy and as an additional interest related to my shooting.

I wanted to develop a load for my Steyr Mannlicher .223 which is a legal calibre for Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer (plus Roe across the border in Scotland) and a great calibre for fox.

I choose to try Sierra GameKing 55gr, spitzer BT, together with Vihtavuori N140.

I achieved 3/4 inch grouping at 100m without any trouble. Now I know that some of you would want to improve on that, and I’m sure that you could, but for my purposes it is good enough.


Sierra GameKing 55gr #1365 spitzer boat tail.

26 gr. N140

Federal cases

Remington small rifle primers

COL 57mm

At a cost of under 45p a round!

In a hunting scenario I’ve found it to be very accurate, hard hitting without an undo amount of damage.

I enjoy shooting with this round and just wish that it was legal for Roe as I’m sure it would be very capable.

I also use N140 in a round for my .308 and N160 for my .243 with again great results. If you want further details use my contact page.

Supply: Once you’ve developed a load you are happy with you want to stick with it. In recent years there has been a shortage of some powders, such as Varget, which has been put down to production in the USA being diverted from civilian products to the military. Viht powders are produced in Europe and as such the supply is likely to be more reliable. Something worth considering.

Price: Viht powder works out at £35 per pound (although sold in 1kg containers) compared to Varget at £50 per pound.

Star ratings

On both price and performance the Viht N140 powder deserves 5 stars

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Bulk density (g/l) – 910
Energy content (J/g) – 3700

Additional Details

Vihtavuori N140 Powder is a great all round multi-purpose powder, very similar to IMR 4320, Hodgdon H380, and Reloder 15.

It’s a great choice for .22-250 Remington, .308 Winchester, .223 Remington, 8×57 IS (8 mm Mauser), .375 H&H Magnum and .30-06 Springfield.

All Powders all delivered to your door by our Pellpax Delivery Service for £14.95


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