Published May 26, 2016

Walther Hunting Knife Set

The Walther Hunting Knife Set made by Umarex is a set of three blades and ideal for the avid hunter today.

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The Walther Hunting Knife Set comprises of two knives and a bone saw all contained in a sturdy hard plastic sheath.

The sheath has a loop attached so that the set can be carried on a belt. The two knifes are on the outer side of the sheath and the saw on the inside. All three have hard plastic inserts to protect the sheath. Having used it on a couple of long stalks I was pleasantly surprised at how light and comfortable it was to carry. It is compact and the three knives are securely fastened and therefore quiet to carry so you don’t know you’ve got it!

Specifications are:

  1. Saw blade length 64mm with overall length 146mm.
  2. Gut hook/skinning blade length 115mm with overall length 233mm.
  3. Small knife blade length 85mm with overall length 190mm.
The handles are made of hard plastic and are designed to be non-slip. The blades are stainless steel and very sharp straight out of the box.

Both knives have a serrated edge on the rear of the blade on which you can place your finger or thumb for greater control. The saw handle has a circular hole into which you place your forefinger again for greater control. Both of these features are useful in practise.

I used the set to gralloch and skin a Roe buck yesterday. The blades are sharp and the knives comfortable and practical in use.

The set comes well-packaged in an attractive box (as far as a cardboard box can be attractive) and would make an excellent gift.

A very useful and well made set which I’m going to award 5 out of 5 stars, plus I’m going to delay handing it back!


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Overall Lengths: 146 / 190 / 233 mm
Weights: 83 / 53 / 152 g
Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Blade Lengths : 64 / 85 / 115 mm

Additional Details

The Walther Hunting Knife Set is a set of Three Blades all housed within a solid sheath which can be hooked onto a belt or lanyard for easy access and is a must for any avid hunter or professional shooter.

The three blades included are a large knife with a skinning shaped blade with a gut hook, a smaller knife which is intended for dressing and skinning, and finally a compact saw which has a multitude of uses. All are fitted with strong and grippy handles so no matter what the weather they perform effortlessly.


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